Aloe Goodness


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The shampoo lets you saturate your hair with vital power and moisture while giving it amazing natural volume. Aloe extract restores the hydro balance of your hair and nourishes it from roots to ends. 20117

The Aloe balm keeps moisture in thin hair, nourishes and strengthens its structure, giving visibly greater volume. After use of the balm, your hair becomes soft, silky and naturally radiant. For dull and thin hair. 20116

With Aloe Hairspray you get haircare and a perfect hairdo at the same time. 20144

The face film mask combines the benefits of a facial peel mask and the nurturing properties of standard masks – it provides hydration, nourishment, and regeneration. 50201

Aloe Cream Mask deeply moisturizes your skin, boosts cellular regeneration processes and enhances resilience and elasticity, helps smooth wrinkles. Has a soothing effect on the skin, eliminates redness and restores the skin’s freshness and a healthy look. 50109

The Hand Cream helps heal microtrauma, prevents the appearance of cracks and scaling and cares for cuticles. The result is soft and healthy hand skin. The cream is designed for daily skincare. 40102

A fresh mask helps to restore the natural balance of water in the skin, improves its structure, smooths out fine wrinkles, and gives the skin elasticity. 50118

This set includes: FREE Christmas bag, Aloe Rich Volume-Up Hair Shampoo, Aloe Rich Glossy Volume-Up Hair Balm, Aloe Styling Hairspray for Volume and Flexibility, Aloe Film Mask, Aloe Moisturizing Cream Face Mask, Aloe Vera Repairing Hand Cream and Aloe Fresh Facial Mask.