Chin Lifting & Modeling V-line Mask


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Cosmetic lifting of facial contours

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These problems have become more “modern”, and their main reasons are already not ageing
and extra weight but male posture and frequent use of your smartphone (head down).
Additional measures are necessary!
Chin Lifting & Modeling V-line Mask from the Korean Сhoahae* product line has two areas of focus at once!
Thanks to the “bandage” shape the mask:
helps to develop the right habit – not to press your chin to your neck;
lifts models the chin line;
helps to eliminate dewlap;
being pressed firmly provides the thermal effect, intensifying the effect of active components.
Thanks to the active composition, including peptide-myorelaxant, aloe juice, caffeine, hyaluronic acid, collagen and adenosine:
– nourishes the skin, helping to restore the collagen frame quicker;
– improves the skin’s firmness and elasticity.
* Сhoahae means “I like you!”
if translated from the Korean. Why this name?
You’ll understand it when you see your reflection in the mirror after using products from this series.
Remove the protective film, stretch the mask and spread it over the clean facial skin along your chin contour,
fix it on your ears with the help of side slits.
Leave for 1−2 hours. If you feel discomfort behind your ears while the mask is used, it means that the mask was insufficiently stretched.
You have to remove it and stretch additionally. It may be used 1−2 times.
Keep in the refrigerator after opening.