DD Skin-Tone Correcting Product – Cushion


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Beauty trend: flawless tone and gentle care in a new format!

Code: 80909/01 , Weight: 15 g

The cushion is one of the main beauty innovations of recent years. This stylish compact includes all of the key components of beautiful skin: flawless tone, hydration and ultraviolet protection. You’ll fall in love with this product after the very first use!

This cushion from TianDe combines feather-light application, 100% coverage of flaws and fine lines, and a seamless blend with your skin’s natural colour. This revolutionary product’s composition includes an active hydro-complex with sodium hyaluronate and betaine that intensively hydrates your skin throughout the day. The cushion boasts antioxidant properties, and even provides reliable protection from the effects of UF- and UVA-rays.

The DD-cream with which the sponge is saturated is the last word in the cosmetics industry. DD is an abbreviation for Dynamic Do-All – the “dynamic cream that does it all.” A very ambitious name, don’t you think? The product encompasses all of the advantages of its forerunners – ВВ- and СС-creams: it moisturises, cares, rejuvenates and provides coverage.

The cushion combines a number of different cosmetics in one. Now, you don’t have to carry that over-stuffed make-up bag around with you anymore! It’s as compact and convenient to use as powder. It provides great coverage and conceals all flaws just like foundation. It even provides ultraviolet protection!

Because the small compact contains absolutely everything you need for use “on-the-go” (the product itself, sponge and mirror), the cushion is sure to become your go-to beauty magic wand. Now, you’ll always be confident that your make-up is flawless.

APPLICATION: Take the sponge and lightly dab it on the cushion – get just as much product as you need for flawless skin! Apply to your freshly-washed and moisturised face.

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