Enriched Arginine and Glycine Gel Food Supplement


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Turn on Your Brain: Do Everything You Plan

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Turn on Your Brain: Do Everything You Plan
The fast pace of our life dictates a set of new rules: if you want to be successful in every area of your life, learn to multi-task. Your job, your family, your friends, your hobby… often we feel overworked and tired, trying to meet all the deadlines. As a result, stress becomes our permanent companion…

Support your body as you try to constantly multi-task! Enriched Arginine and Glycine Gel Food Supplement has been created especially for those who want to accomplish a lot and meet every deadline.

The gel contains all the important substances for your body – L-arginine and glycine amino acids, with the added power of vitamin B5. Working together, the active components of the gel:
– help support the energy potential of your body;
– improve your immune system;
– make you feel more happy and positive;
– allow you to combat stress as a result of your strenuous daily routine and the unending flow of information.

The gel with added arginine and glycine may be called a multi-functional product that will help you accomplish a number of tasks. Its active components will allow young people to stay alert and positive, be it for a meeting with friends, a set of straight-A finals, or a sports adventure – you will have time to do it all! The gel will help middle-aged people and senior citizens stay active and feel great.
The gel has an interesting taste and will be of great help to those who watch their weight. Athletes will get a charge of energy and strength. With this gel, your life will get brighter and more fun: as your stress is relieved, your body will have more strength to fight all the negative factors.

BAA. Not a medicine.


Adults should take 1 sachet a day with food for 3 weeks. For better results, repeat after one month. Please consult your physician before taking any medication. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Do not use the substance as a substitute for regular food.

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