Gentle Sage Hair Conditioner


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Return your hair to its natural luster

Code: 25705, Weight: 250 g

The mysterious aroma of the enchanted forest will envelop your tresses, transforming them into the locks of a magical nymph… You’ll be amazed at just how smooth and bouncy your hair can be! Falling like liquid silk to your shoulders, it will radiate strength and health. The conditioner gently enshrouds each strand of hair, fortifying it with powerful nutrients. And the fresh aroma of sage with smoky, ambery notes will leave the sensation of serenity and coolness.

Gentle Sage Hair Conditioner from the new My Family Care line will take loving care of your locks, leaving them with a well-groomed look and natural luster.

The My Family Care line is a quality range of basic products FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY at a super-economical price!

APPLICATION: Squeeze excess water from hair after washing, apply conditioner along the entire length and leave in for a few minutes before rinsing out with plenty of water.

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