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Thanks to its absorbent components, the DD Cushion for oily skin helps to keep the T-zone under control, does not clog the pores and nurtures your skin throughout day! Perfectly smooth and matte skin tone; easy to apply and adapts perfectly to the skin colour with 100 % masking of imperfections and small wrinkles. The product contains Vitamin E for antioxidant protection, a moisturising complex for deep hydration. Take the sponge and gently press on the cushion – it will dispense just the right amount of product needed to create the perfect complexion. Apply the product to the cleansed and hydrated skin of the face. 80913

Thanks to its light texture, the Serum quickly absorbs and immediately starts to work. The brush ensures the precise application of the product to the hairline of the eyebrows and helps you shape the eyebrows. You get natural, long, voluminous lashes and beautiful thick eyebrows. Enjoy your natural beauty! Apply the serum to the area of growth of the eyelashes and eyebrows 1-2 times a day over a period of 3-4 weeks. 80916

The Mega Lash Extension mascara has comfortable silicone brush that perfectly separates the individual lashes and thus gives them a natural “fan-like” effect. Thanks to its long-lasting composition, the mascara will last you all day long, even if it turns into a late party. Apply the mascara from the root of the lashes to the ends. For maximum volume and a rich colour, apply the mascara in two layers. 80130

Colour control and long-lasting effect: the product “disperses” very well, so you can adjust the intensity and shape. A few minutes after it is applied, the Lipstick Cushion becomes fixed. With the dispenser, you can control the intensity of the colour. Apply to dry and clean lips. 80918/05

THIS SET INCLUDES: DD Skin-Tone Matting Cushion, Eyelash & Brow Firming Serum, Mega Lash-Extension Mascara, Lipstick Cushion and FREE CHRISTMAS BOX!