Perfect Lip Care


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The skin of the lips requires very gentle care. It does not have sebaceous glands, so it becomes raw and dry very quickly. With the Foam Cocktail exfoliating mask, you can always be sure of the softness of your lips. The blend of magic bubbles and active ingredients will take gentle care of your lips:

– it gently cleanses them while removing corneal flakes
– it promotes hydration and regeneration

APPLICATION: Apply to dry lips, wait till the product will make foam, after 3-5 minutes massage the lips with finger tip and rinse the mask off with water. It is recommended to apply a moisturizer on the lips after use. For external use only. Code: 86503

Lip tint is a revolution in your makeup bag! It combines bold colour that won’t fade over a long period of time, plus gentle care for the delicate skin of your lips. The product composition includes colouring pigments that penetrate the upper layers of the lip skin. For this reason, the product stands out for its long wear compared to regular lipstick or gloss.

The product doesn’t clump up in the folds of the lips, and lets you create an incredibly bold look. Thanks to the royal jelly, macadamia oil and vitamin Е included in its composition, the lip tint nourishes and softens the delicate skin of your lips. Code : 80908/02

APPLICATION: Take a small amount of the product using the applicator and carefully touch it to your lips, making a few little dots, then spread the colour quickly and thoroughly. For a natural effect, use the tips of your fingers, and for more intense colour – use the applicator.

The set includes FREE GOLDEN GIFT BAG, Nourishing Liquid Lip Tint and Bubble Cocktail Lip Exfoliating Mask.