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Delicate shampoo gel carefully cleans the hair, does not cause irritation and washes off well. Its composition includes a complex of natural conditioners, as a result of which the child’s hair does not tangle and is easily combed. Mild soap formula is ideally suited for a child’s skin, and for the entire body. This is why the shampoo gel for the hair and body Baby Bambo can be used as a shower gel, as well as a bathing product by adding it to the bathtub. Since the composition includes camomile extract, the product not only protects, but also soothes the skin. Does not contain parabens or dyes. 20141

Children’s fibre mitten Baby Bambo is made of high-tech polyester fibres. This material very gently cleans the child’s skin without injuring it. Due to the special pleating of the fibres, the sponge foams well any soap. During washing, a gentle massage occurs. The sponge mitten lasts a long time and is easy to care for: it rinses and dries quickly. 90157

The protective body cream Baby Bambo takes care of a baby’s skin from the first days. Thanks to its natural composition, it is perfectly suited for taking care of the delicate and sensitive skin of children. It nourishes and hydrates delicate skin; reliably protects against wind, cold temperatures and heat; eliminates dryness, peeling and irritation and help eliminate rashes. Can be used under the diaper – it creates a waterproof layer that forms a lipid film to protect the skin against irritation. The Baby Bambo children’s cream is suitable not only for children. The oil, vitamins and extracts it contains will also be appreciated by adults. Apply to the clean skin of the child and massage. 40124

Prodental Junior Toothpaste cares for the oral cavity and the effective prevention of tooth decay. The toothpaste contains no fluoride or parabens, and is therefore harmless if swallowed. The refreshing apple taste and flavour, combined with bright packaging, will help attract children’s attention, and turn tooth-brushing from a chore into a pleasant activity. Brush your teeth twice a day. Do not swallow. 60147

The unique bristles of the toothbrush allow for gentle cleansing of the sensitive enamel of baby teeth, as well as gums, on which up to 90% of all oral bacteria accumulate. The head of the toothbrush is removable and transformable, changing the angle of inclination in order to facilitate cleansing of the lower part of back teeth. The ergonomic shape of the toothbrush enables its comfortable use, as well as its proper and safe grasping. The toothbrush is subject to replacement in case of the deformation of filaments. Duration of use must not exceed 2-3 months. 90153/01 green

THIS SET INCLUDES: Baby Bambo Hair-and- Body Shampoo-Gel, Children’s Sponge Mitten Baby Bambo, Protective Body Cream for Kids Baby Bambo, ProDental Junior Gel Tooth Paste, ProDental Junior Toothbrush and FREE CHRISTMAS BOX!