Invigorating Indulgence


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The shampoo effectively cleans the hair without damaging it – even under daily use. The Vitamin Е and panthenol with which the product is enriched care for the health of your hair, helping it to look beautiful and well groomed. Ideally suited for normal hair. 25701

This extra-gentle hair conditioner delicately moisturizes fine, limp hair without weighing it down, making it look fuller and healthier. The jojoba oil with which the product is enriched leaves your hair silky, well-groomed and amazingly pleasant to the touch. 25702

Berry Delicacy Shower Gel will gently cleanse your skin, giving it a dizzyingly-unforgettable aroma and leaving a whiff of ripe, sweet raspberry. Airy foam will envelop your body in delicate care and leave your skin velvety-smooth. 35703

Therapy Facial Beauty Mask contains resveratrol – ingredient found by scientists in red grape skins. Combined with other active ingredients of the mask, it stimulates collagen synthesis, reduces negative impact of free radicals onto skin cells and increases skin resilience. 54103

Double-sided crayons from TianDe mean rich colour and easy application. The natural components in the crayons’ composition care for the delicate skin of your lips, while the long-wear formula won’t let your lines “run.”80910/01

The stylish satin finish of the lipstick is sure to suit your tastes. The product goes on the lips in a dense, even layer and holds well. Thanks to its intensive shades, satin lipstick looks very striking, doesn’t shine like a gloss, but creates a soft glow. It’s perfect for when you especially want to accentuate your lips. 80907/01

The nail Polish is long-lasting effect and quick drying with uniform application thanks to the convenient brush as well as the most fashionable colours. It has wonderful long-lasting effect – up to 7 days; the first layer dries in several seconds; evenly applies; has convenient brush. 80124/04

This set includes: Berry Delicacy Everyday Shampoo, Berry Delicacy Hair Conditioner, Berry Delicacy Shower Gel, Wine Therapy Facial, Beauty Mask, Double-Sided Lip Crayon, Soft Satin Glow Lipstick, Nail Polish and a FREE CHRISTMAS BAG!