Sage Indulgence


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The fresh aroma of sage with smoky, ambery notes have a calming effect while creating a sense of coolness. Plunge head-first into the aroma of the mysterious enchanted forest! Gentle Sage Delicate Shampoo will suit the tastes of everyone in the family! And that means great savings on the family budget for quality care. 25704

The conditioner gently enshrouds each strand of hair, fortifying it with powerful nutrients. And the fresh aroma of sage with smoky, ambery notes will leave the sensation of serenity and coolness. 25705

Gentle Sage Shower Gel will delicately cleanse your skin, leaving a veil of tranquility and velvety-smoothness. 35706

The base of the Spray deodorant is alunite, a volcanic mineral that reliably kills bacteria. The alunite particles stop sweating without blocking the sebaceous glands. The spray deodorant does not contain aluminium salts, alcohol, parabens or colourants. It is very effective. It is suitable for application after epilation, and it soothes and nurtures the skin. It is also suitable for soon-to-be and nursing mothers. It dries out rashes on the body and prevents skin irritation. It can be applied to the soles of the feet and the palms. 30115

The Mask will delicately soothe and refresh your sensitive skin, restore a healthy complexion. The active components help cell regeneration and improve the skin’s resistance to wrinkles. 54108

This set includes: Gentle Sage Delicate Shampoo, Gentle Sage Hair Conditioner, Gentle Sage Shower Gel, Natural Alunite and Sage Body Deodorant Spray, Provence Lavender Facial Beauty Mask and FREE CHRISTMAS BAG!