The Secrets of the Emperor’s Private Quarters


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Be filled with imperial energy!

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It is known that, in the quarters of ancient Chinese rulers, there were 39 consorts in addition to the empress and 81 concubines. In order to preserve the majesty of the body and spirit, Chinese rulers used miraculous oils and healers prepared special phyto-liners for them that even restored the strength of old men and rid them of pain.

TianDe combined the mystery of traditional Eastern medicine with modern scientific research and created an effective sanitary product that enables men to refresh their body and soul. The imperial power and the power of herbs is now available to every man.

The “Secrets of the Emperor’s Private Quarters Underwear Liner” is an effective sanitary product with plant phytoncides and biologically active substances extracted from plants, which prevent bacterial growth and reproduction.

It contains a phytocomposition that consists of specially selected herbs used in Chinese medicine. Composition:
– it contributes to the restoration of masculine power;
– it supports good microflora and helps to maintain comfort.

To maintain men’s health, the corporation has created an entire program, which is now even more effective thanks to the “Secrets of the Emperor’s Private Quarters” underwear liner.


One liner can be used for up to 24 hours a day. Use the product immediately after opening the package.

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