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The strength of plants

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The peeling gently removes all layers of cornified skin cells, smoothes fine lines, visibly reduces deep wrinkles. Improves skin tone, lightens dark spots, makes skin more mate and elastic. After application, the skin is smooth, even in tone, deeply cleansed, with narrower pores and less deep wrinkles. Recommended for skin 35+. Apply small amount of the peeling on clean face, avoid the eye area, massage for 1-2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. 12112

The Lotion gently cleanses, refreshes and tonifies your skin, normalizing its pH balance. Adds softness and a velvety touch to the skin. Optimizes further skincare. Thanks to its light, oil-free texture the lotion absorbs quickly, softening the skin and leaving it pleasantly and freshly scented. Recommended for use after age 35. Once you have washed your face, apply a small amount of the lotion to your face and neck skin, using a cotton pad. 12114

The cream instantly mosturises the skin, improves the skin firmness, nourishes, soothes and protects the skin from negative external pollutants. With regular use your skin will be well hydrated, nourished, well protected against external environmental pollutants and will gain a perfectly fresh complexion. Apply a small amount of cream on a cleansed skin of your face and neck using a circular motion. Avoid the area around the eyes. 12116

Double rejuvenating power

The complex helps reduce the depth and number of wrinkles, diminishes the visibility of “crow’s feet” and relieves puffiness. Removes signs of fatigue, relieves skin irritation, hydrates and refreshes. The phyto essence supports the action of the mask. Recommended for use after age 35. 12106

Mask: Apply to cleansed eyelid skin and leave on for 15-20 minutes. Then remove the mask and rinse your face with water.

Phyto essence: apply a small amount of the essence to eyelid skin. It is recommended to repeat the procedure within 10-15 days and then 2-3 times a week.

THIS SET INCLUDES: Facial Peel, Multi -Action Facial Lotion, Efficiently Moisturizing Cream, Intensive Treatment Eye Mask & Phyto Essence 2 in 1 and FREE CHRISTMAS BOX!