Bamboo Cotton Buds


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Your ‘magic wands’ for an impeccable image!

Code: 980168 , 100 pcs

Perhaps, cotton buds can be found in any house. How do buds by TianDe differ from all other offers on the market? We’ve made the product in accordance with all eco-quality standards! Our cotton buds are 100% biodegradable since they consist of only natural materials! No plastic – only cotton and bamboo. If you care about a healthy environment, you will stick to ‘healthy’ products even in minor issues!

100% of the bamboo is decomposed by microorganisms and can be burnt without polluting the environment. Besides, it can be recycled. Bamboo grows very quickly, needs small amounts of water and does not require any fertilizers. Choosing bamboo, we are against overuse of wood and consequently cutting wood.

Bamboo cotton buds are a necessary accessory in your cosmetics bag, first-aid kit and on your shelf in the bathroom!

– For hygienic procedures.
– For make-up correction.
– For applying medicines.

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