Bubble Cocktail Lip Exfoliating Mask


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For tender kisses

Code: 86503 , Volume: 12 ml

Are your lips always ready for kissing? The skin of the lips requires very gentle care. It does not have sebaceous glands, so it becomes raw and dry very quickly. With the Foam Cocktail exfoliating mask from the Korean product line Сhoahae*, you can always be sure of the softness of your lips.

Take a few minutes for a pleasant and extraordinary treatment and you will be amazed at how soft your lips will become. The blend of magic bubbles and active ingredients will take gentle care of your lips:
– it gently cleanses them while removing corneal flakes
– it promotes hydration and regeneration

APPLICATION: Apply to dry lips, wait till the product will make foam, after 3-5 minutes massage the lips with finger tip and rinse the mask off with water. It is recommended to apply a moisturizer on the lips after use. For external use only.

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