Hand and Foot Cream Paraffin Brazil Delicacy


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Rejuvenating paraffin therapy

Weight: 75g, Code: 40119

If you follow the tendencies of the world of cosmetics you must know how popular is the paraffin therapy that is designed to make your skin soft and supple. Want to get a home treatment, any time, wasting no extra money on special equipment? TianDe makes it possible!

Brasil Delicacy Hand and Foot Cream Paraffin pampers your hands and feet making them soft and silky. It is a great alternative to “hot” treatment and doesn’t require extra investments.

You just need to prepare your skin, apply the Paraffin cream and enjoy the result in a few minutes!

Brasil Delicacy softens and smooths your skin.

Its formula with natural extracts and palm tree oils provides efficient care.

APPLICATION: Apply the Cream Paraffin to your hands and feet after using the Salt Scrub. For additional effect wrap them with polyethylene film and put on warm mittens and socks. Remove the product in 20 minutes using the Salt Scrub or fabric tissue. To complete the treatment, you may apply your favourite TianDe cream.

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