Herbal Extract Delicate Care Gel


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Natural protection of women’s health

Code: 60149 , Weight: 360 g

Nature is beautiful and diverse. And that is what inspired the corporation to create a gentle care gel that contains an herbal extract with a beneficial effect on women’s health.

The product was created in the Altai Mountains and contains more than 90% natural ingredients. The gentle composition of the gel is suitable for the most sensitive skin care.

The active ingredients of the product strengthen the skin’s natural protective barrier and maintain the pH balance in your intimate zone.

Thanks to its balanced composition, the gel soothes delicate skin and provides a daily feeling of comfort. It refreshes and moisturises the skin and alleviates the feeling of discomfort after hair removal.

Use quality products and be healthy.

APPLICATION: Apply a small amount of gel to your intimate zone, foam the gel and rinse with water. For external use only.

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