Massage Oil Against Nasal Congestion


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Light breath

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According to traditional Eastern medicine, chi energy is a breath of life itself, however metaphorical or poetic that may sound. Chi is no less real than material objects. Although we cannot grasp it, we can feel it and learn to control it. Proper circulation of chi energy in the human body is a prerequisite for health and longevity. One of the basic ways in which chi gets into our body is by breathing freely through the nose. If the nose is clogged, the free flow of chi is damaged. The Eastern sages believed that if the circulation of energy is disrupted in the body, the person will become ill. The massage oil for a stuffy nose helps you enjoy every breath. The blend of essential oils in the product composition will enable you to unclog your nose and contribute to normal breathing.

APPLICATION: Apply the blend of essential oils onto the tip and wings of the nose with massaging motions 2-3 times a day. Avoid contact between the oil and the sensitive skin under the nose.

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