Millet Porridge with Figs, Apricots and Pumpkin


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Something good for eyesight and digestion

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We are all for healthy, natural and rational nutrition! Millet porridge with figs, apricots and pumpkins is very beneficial and tastes great. It is an ideal choice for breakfast and a full-fledged meal during the day.

It does not contain preservatives, gluten, or flavour enhancers. The composition of the product supplies the body with important substances:
– carotenoids have a positive effect on eyesight
– figs, apricots and pumpkins stabilize the function of the digestive system
– the porridge is rich in vitamins A and PP, which help regenerate the skin
– millet contains iron and silicon, the building materials of hair, teeth and nails

Each serving contains only 103 calories. Millet porridge makes you feel full for a long time and it is great for those who are watching their weight. It will also be appreciated by athletes and those who do physical work. The porridge will supply them with energy and strength.

APPLICATION: To prepare the porridge, add 60-70 ml of hot water and blend thoroughly. In 3-5 minutes, the porridge is ready for consumption.

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