Anti-Cellulite Lipolytic Gel


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A refreshing way to get rid of that orange-peel skin!

Code: 30256  Weight:150g

The SPA technology series product Anti-Cellulitis Lipolytic Gel will help significantly reduce the signs of “orange peel” skin in problem areas; it helps break up fatty tissue quickly and smoothes the relief of the skin, leaving it more supple and toned.

The lipolytic gel contains a unique combination of natural components – a cocktail of the four richest sources of caffeine: Congolese coffee extract, green tea, guarana and cola nut. The formula contains organic sulphur and essential oils of citrus and menthol.

The product has a cryoeffect, and can be used for “cold” wraps.

APPLICATION: Apply 1–2 times a day on problem skin areas, massage until fully absorbed. No rinsing required.

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