Anti-Cellulite Lipolytic Gel


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Cold weapon for fighting cellulite

Code: 30259 , Weight: 120 g

Do you want smooth, firm skin without cellulite? Everything is in your hands! Use this cold weapon to fight cellulite – SPA technology lipolytic gel for cellulite.

It contains natural sources of caffeine, orange and lemon essential oils, organic sulphur and menthol, which:
– fight against visible cellulite
– activate the process of fat breakdown and fat burning
– smooth the skin, even out its surface and increase elasticity

This cooling gel is a real salvation for those who cannot use its warm counterparts. An effective cryogel with menthol is an excellent alternative to thermo-procedures for vascular problems.

Combine the gel with massage and exercise and enjoy the great feeling about your body.

APPLICATION: Apply 1-2 times a day on problem areas, massage until completely absorbed. No rinsing required. The effects of the product increase with the use of a massage device The use of body massager strengthens the effect of the product application. Skin sensitivity test prior to using the product is recommended.

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