Aquatherapy Facial Cream-Gel


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Extreme moisturizing! The Charm Collection is youth for eternity

Weight: 50 g, Code: 15803

What are the French Alps famous for? Expensive ski resorts, cozy chalets and… eternal glaciers, many of them thousands of years old! We based the TianDe cream on the cleanest water from the Argentiere glacier and added effective active ingredients. The result was an ideal product for extreme moisturizing!

The Aquatherapy Facial Cream-Gel is suitable for women of all ages. If your skin looks lifeless, dry and dull, “drench” it in glacial water! You will see a noticeable transformation! Say goodbye to the feeling of tightness and dryness, thanks to the effect of glacial water and other active cream ingredients, the skin receives the maximum moisturizing.

Aquatherapy will help restore the optimal skin water balance, smooth out wrinkles and give the ideal freshness and softness.

APPLICATION: Apply with light pats to clean face and neck skin, avoiding the area around the eyes.

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