Beauty Concentrate Facial Cream


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Concentrated beauty! The Charm Collection is youth for eternity

Weight: 50 g, Code: 15802

What kind of skin problems concern women after age 45? Wrinkles of course. Facial wrinkles that could appear even at age 25, e.g., due to smile features, and age wrinkles for which time is to be “thanked.” Age, or as cosmetologists call them, static wrinkles generally appear after age 40-45. In contrast to facial, they develop regardless of the working of the facial muscles.

Yet another problem faced by the majority of women after 45 is that the facial oval loses definition and “runs.” The musculature loses its tone. The facial tissues drop under the influence of gravitational force.

Due to an innovative composition, the Concentrated Beauty cream will help to reduce the depth and number of wrinkles, return former definition to the facial lines and restore skin elasticity.

Regular use of the product will produce excellent results: problem areas on the forehead and around the lips are transformed, the chin contour becomes more distinct. The skin no longer looks flabby, its tone is noticeably improved. The face looks younger. You radiate freshness and beauty!

APPLICATION: Apply a small amount of cream to pre-cleaned facial and neck skin with neat circular motions, avoiding the area around the eyes.

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