Delicate Moisturising Face Toner


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Final step in the cleansing process

Code: 12712 , Weight: 150 g

Refreshes and hydrates the skin, restores the hydro-lipid balance of the epidermis. Helps restore collagen fibres. Enhances the performance efficiency of further care products. Alcohol free.

Collagen accounts for 70% of all protein in youthful skin. However, its synthesis slows down in most people starting as early as age 30. The quality of collagen is also subject to age-related changes: it loses its moisture-storage capability, becomes less resilient and less elastic. Products in the Collagen Active series contain hydrolysed collagen that restores protein fibres in the dermal matrix and prolongs the youth of your skin.

Products in the Collagen Active series are recommended for use starting at age 35.

APPLICATION: Apply it to face and neck skin, using a cotton pad. Use after cleansing.

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