Moisturising Tonic Booster


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Green for skin

Weight: 120 g, Code: 15206

What keeps the same colour for winter and for summer? TianDe gives you its own reply. We mean our skin that will be perfect all year round with the Phyto Code “green” cosmetics and our new Moisturizing Tonic Booster from this collection.

More than 98% of natural ingredients in the formula!

Beauty and youthful look of your skin will be protected by the complex of 11 amino acids that provide natural hydration at the cellular level. Each amino acid is targeted to slow down the aging process. Active formula of the Tonic Booster in combination with the legendary hyaluronic acid and sage extract calms and restores irritated and damaged skin.

Use the Phyto Code Tonic Booster right after cleansing, and you will feel your skin getting toned and elastic, hydrated and fresh, and you will radiate confidence and great mood!

APPLICATION: Apply the Tonic Booster on your face and neck in the morning and in the evening, using a cotton pad.

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