Radiant Glance Effect Eye Contour Gel


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Freeze the youth of your gaze

Weight: 25 g, Code: 15509

Laugh a lot? Laugh all the time? Good for you! But you shouldn’t have to pay for your good mood with expression lines.

Laughter and active expressions of emotion are what cause “crow’s feet,” or to be more precise – what starts them forming. Stop them in their tracks with eyelid cream from the TianDe youth collection. It instantly melts into your skin, saturating it with moisture, supports elasticity and tone, eliminates signs of fatigue and works against the first expression lines.

The gel is intended especially for young skin. It helps restore the twinkle and shine of your gaze. Remember: the areas around the eyes require special products! It’s one of the most delicate and sensitive zones, so to avoid premature wrinkles, you should use this special eyelid cream from TianDe.

APPLICATION: Apply it in light motions to the skin around your eyes. In order to get the best result, use in the morning and in the evening.

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