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For a perfect selfie without filters!

Code: 15511 , Volume: 100 ml

Young skin is always beautiful, and if it has imperfections, you can easily get rid of them with TianDe’s special products from the In Top youth product line! With the nourishing facial lotion with aloe vera for radiant skin, you will no longer be afraid of photos, quite the opposite! There is no need to worry – no one will notice enlarged pores and other shortcomings. The facial lotion will help you take a step closer to perfection. Take selfies without fear, share them with your friends, and get hundreds of likes!

The facial lotion is ideal for oily and combination skin that is prone to acne. It acts directly against the root cause of the problems, i.e. the bacteria that cause acne and cause the excessive production of skin sebum.

The nourishing facial lotion effectively cleanses the skin, shrinks enlarged pores, and eliminates greasy shine. In addition, it hydrates and tones skin that is weakened after the use of drying cosmetics products.

APPLICATION: Apply the lotion in the morning/evening with a cotton ball on the pre-cleaned skin of the face and neck.

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