Baby Bambo Hair-and- Body Shampoo-Gel


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Children’s cosmetic without compromises!

Code: 20141 , Weight: 250 g

Universal product for washing a child. Delicate shampoo gel carefully cleans the hair, does not cause irritation and washes off well. Its composition includes a complex of natural conditioners, as a result of which the child’s hair does not tangle and is easily combed.

Mild soap formula is ideally suited for a child’s skin, and for the entire body. This is why the shampoo gel for the hair and body Baby Bamboo can be used as a shower gel, as well as a bathing product by adding it to the bathtub. Since the composition includes camomile extract, the product not only protects, but also soothes the skin.

Does not contain parabens or dyes.

APPLICATION: Apply, massage carefully and rinse.

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