Pineapple Toothpaste with Plant Enzymes for Kids


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Our toothpaste will give your child a happy smile!

Code: 66801 , Weight: 75 g

Now you can instil the right habits in your children in an even easier and more cheerful way. The famous hero “Immuvenok” will help you with that. He will become a friend to your children and reliable helper to you.

You just need to choose quality, your children will choose a pleasant flavour, and brushing teeth will be child’s play.

The pineapple children’s toothpaste is a recipe without fluorides, parabens, dyes and SLS. It offers comprehensive care and effectiveness. It contains active ingredients in a dosage suitable for children and takes into account the properties of a child’s oral cavity.

Thanks to its enzymes (fruit enzymes) from pineapple and papaya, the toothpaste breaks down and gently removes dental plaque, instead of just cleaning it.

Brushing your teeth with Pineapple Children’s Toothpaste ensures thorough oral hygiene, protects the teeth and provides effective prevention of tooth decay.

APPLICATION: Brush your teeth twice a day. Do not swallow.

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