Camellia Shampoo and Hair Conditioner Beauty Set


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Plunge head-first into the exotic!

Code: 20143   Weight: 220 + 100 g

Turn your hair-care routine into a delight! This luxurious set with an exotic new treat will leave your hairdo looking simply impeccable.

Plunge head-first into a blossoming Japanese garden, breathe in the intoxicating aroma of camellia, swirl in a whirlwind of sensations! “Camellia” isn’t just a shampoo and conditioner – it’s serious care for your hair. You’ll notice that after just the first use.

The first step – gentle cleansing. The shampoo, with its nutrient-rich composition fortified with Japanese camellia extract, penetrates deep into the scalp and thickens the structure of your hair without weighing it down. Your hair becomes soft, strong and beautiful.

The next step is the conditioner. It gently envelops each and every strand, providing flexibility and amazing shine. Your hair is left easier to comb, simpler to style, and static effect is virtually eliminated. Delight in the incredible shine and beauty of healthy hair!

The key components of this luxurious set – sasanqua camellia oil and Japanese camellia-seed oil. These ingredients from the Land of the Rising Sun have been used since ancient times to restore hair’s strength and flexibility. Camellia is a natural conditioner that recovers the beauty of hair while leaving it soft.

APPLICATION: Lather up a small amount of the shampoo in the palm of your hands, apply to your wet hair, massage in and rinse off with copious amounts of water. Squeeze excess water from hair, apply conditioner along the entire length and leave in for a few minutes before rinsing out with plenty of water. Enjoy the incredible softness of your hair!

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