Charcoal & Taiga Herbs Whitening Phyto Toothpaste


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The natural whiteness of a smile

Code: 45910 , Weight: 120 g

Smile more often, smile from ear to ear, because you have so many reasons to! One of them is to show your snow-white smile. If you don’t have one, remedy the situation with the help of whitening tooth phytopaste from the Dr. Taiga product line.

The Charcoal & Taiga Herbs Whitening Phyto Toothpaste has a rich black colour and its regular use will help restore the natural shade of your teeth.

– restores the natural whiteness of teeth
– removes dental plaque from tobacco, tea and coffee
– maintains fresh breath
– suitable for sensitive gums

The toothpaste does not contain fluorine. Thanks to its content of fine abrasives and charcoal powder, the phytopaste has a very gentle effect on the enamel and is suitable for everyday use. The mixture of Taiga herbs strengthens and soothes the gums, improves their condition in case of periodontal problems, helps prevent tooth decay, and leaves you with fresh breath. Its content of colloidal silver prevents the growth of bacteria.

APPLICATION: Brush your teeth twice a day, then rinse your mouth thoroughly. Do not use in the case of hypersensitive teeth. Do not swallow.

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