Nephrite Freshness Herb Panty Liners, Ultra Thin


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Ultra thin protection of women’s health

Code: 61921 , Weight:25 pcs

Do you have an active lifestyle and not like to think about trivialities? Ultra thin herb panty liners for everyday use will allow you to focus on what is important. They easily adjust to the shape of your body and fit into underwear of any cut. They are soft like a second layer of skin. They provide you with comfort and protection every day.

These liners take care of your health by a phytocomplex consisting of extracts from peppermint, Japanese Camellia, and clove oil, which:
– eliminates bacteria and unpleasant odour;
– eliminates the feeling of itching and irritation;
– nurtures women’s health and provides a feeling of comfort and freshness.

APPLICATION: Recommended for everyday use.

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