Nephrite Freshness Herb Daily Panty Liners with Anions


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Women’s health: daily protection with anions

Code: 61915 , Amount: 20 pcs

Nephrite Freshness Herb Daily Panty Liners are delicate and soft, they will reliably protect you and charge you with freshness for the whole day!

They are not just daily panty liners – they are unique personal hygiene products with a built-in anion chip for your maximum comfort and excellent general condition!

The unique anion chip:
– improves blood microcirculation;
– has anti-inflammatory properties;
– has a positive impact on microflora;
– helps to normalize and restore menstrual period.

Nephrite Freshness Herb Daily Panty Liner with Anions reliably sticks to your underwear, does not deform during the day. The natural herb complex with peppermint extract and Camellia sinensis leaves will take care of your comfort.

APPLICATION: Recommended for daily use.

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