Nephrite Freshness Herb Daily Panty Liners


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Women’s health: daily protection

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Do you want to feel comfortable and sure of yourself every day? This is easy with Nephrite Freshness Herb Daily Panty Liners!

They fully repeat your body movements, neither crumpling, nor deforming while you use them. No matter what you do, your daily panty liner will stay in place. Even during intensive exercises!

This is not just a daily panty liner – this is a phytocompress with the patented phytocomplex from peppermint and Camellia sinensis extracts, clove oil that:
– eliminates bacteria and unpleasant odour;
– relieves itching and irritations;
– helps to normalize menstrual period;
– cares for women’s health, gives the feeling of comfort and freshness.

Enjoy active life every day!

APPLICATION: Recommended for daily use.

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