Cocktail Shaker


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An accessory for a healthy lifestyle!

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Today’s correct and healthy lifestyle is not simply a habit, but a conscious wish and quest to be concerned about oneself, eat properly and keep your body in shape in order to live long and happily. TianDe company has therefore produced not only products for sensible and healthy nutrition, but also a special gadget for their simple preparation and use.

The TianDe shaker is a convenient and practical accessory that helps you to observe correct nutrition.

It is simple to use and 100% mobile.

TianDe offers Shaker from the Active Life series, which is perfectly suitable for simple and comfortable preparation of your popular sports drinks.

Take the shaker with a drink on an athletic workout or run, use it on the road and even in the office. It is very convenient to use in nature or at the vacation home where there are no conditions for using mixers or blenders.

The shaker has a special internal stainless steel spiral grid. It is placed in its bottom before mixing. As a result of the shaking, the grid thoroughly “mixes” the contents and breaks up all the lumps. During the mixing and subsequent use, your cocktail does not spill anywhere: the shaker is equipped with a reliable snap-on cover.

The TianDe shaker is made of safe food-grade plastic (PP) used for making baby bottles. One side of this “gadget” has a convenient measurement scale where you can easily get your bearings and measure the product both in grams and millimeters. The shaker is suitable for both hot and cold products.

With the TianDe shaker, you will save time, you will have more strength and opportunities for yourself and your business.

Volume: 400 ml