Eye Crayon (double-sided)


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Daring lines!

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Used to being on-trend? Stay fashion-forward together with TianDe!
This double-sided Eye Crayon from TianDe comes in the trendiest colours of the season – smoky black and deep, mysterious violet.

This crayon is suitable for any eye colour. Hazel- and green-eyed beauties will be enamoured of the violet hue. It will intensify your natural colour, and your eyes will sparkle like gemstones! Smoky black is perfect for accentuating blue and grey eyes.

With this little helper, you’ll never have to worry about your make-up again – sharp lines drawn in the morning will stay in place well into the evening! The product’s natural components will take gentle care of your delicate eyelid skin.

APPLICATION: Sharpen the crayon using the special sharpener, draw a thin (or thick if you like) line along the lash line.

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