Eyeshadow Kit for Natural Make-Up


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Focus on the eyes: make-up in the nude style

Code: 80135 ,  Weight: 13 g
Remember how much make-up styling costs in a beauty salon. It’s not a cheap affair. The make-up of the eyes plays one of the main roles in make-up styling (as a result, you get one “look” for one evening). But with TianDe cosmetics, you can easily create radiant and effective “looks” that do not hurt your wallet. Set of eyeshadows for natural make-up – that is 12 trendy shades. Just imagine how many make-up variations you can create, how many unforgettable “looks”. Use 2, 3, or even 5 shades at a time, and you will have an unforgettable time whenever you go out! Set of eyeshadows for natural make-up – ideal for creating make-up in the nude style!
– 12 trendy shades in one palette – from a tamed nude look to dark, saturated shades.
– Soft texture. They allow you to gently and carefully spread the eyeshadows so that the transitions are gradual.
– A handy applicator that you can use to easily create professional make-up.

APPLICATION: Apply the eye shadows onto the eyelids using the applicator.

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