Goji Shambala Hand Cream


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Exotica in your hands!

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Numerous studies have shown that hand skin ages faster than facial skin. Why does this occur? Unlike the face, hand skin contains the minimum number of sebaceous glands that create a natural protective layer. Laundering, harvesting, washing dishes, the sun and wind disrupt the skin’s water-lipid barrier, which begins to dry up and exfoliate, resulting in its premature aging and formation of pigment spots… Stop this process! Choose a hand cream that contains rejuvenating components.

Give your hands youth with Goji Shambala cream. This is yet another effective remedy from the popular “exotic” Asian Beauty line. The saturated cream actively moistens the skin, eliminates the tight feeling, protects from dryness and makes the hands unbelievably soft.

Goji berries are a native miracle from the East, the key ingredient that will help to prolong the youth of your hand skin! The Goji extract accelerates cellular division in the skin, returning its elasticity and tone.

APPLICATION: Massage a sufficient amount of cream into clean, dry hand skin in the morning and evening. Applying the cream after each hand washing is also recommended.

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