Rosemary and Propolis Foot-Care Cream


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Walking lightly: A care from tiptoes to knees

Code: 41327 , Weight: 30 g

Thanks to its rich formula, the cream effectively nourishes, hydrates and softens foot skin, prevents it from getting rough and provides all necessary care from tiptoes to knees.

The cream not only supplies the skin with nourishing ingredients, but it also helps to get rid of everything our legs do not need at all – just in time! On the surface of our skin, there are more than 250,000 sweat glands that secrete toxins. Extracts of rosemary and propolis help your skin to cope with this burden as they both have detoxifying effects. The extract of mint refreshes, deodorizes and provides a pleasant cool feeling.

The cream will become a priceless treasure of those who fancy high heels or who stand on their feet for a long time – it reduces the effects of a difficult day, refreshes the skin and makes its tone even.

The economic packaging in small flat bags allows you to obtain a high quality product at an affordable price. If used daily, the cream will last for about a month.

APPLICATION: Apply to clean feet.

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