Soothing Herbal Decoction Care Shampoo


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Healing power of herbs for your hair!

Code: 24712 , Weight: 250 g

We put our hair through the ringer: the hot air from dryers, curling irons and a whole brigade of styling products slowly but surely transform a natural head of glorious hair into lifeless strands. Itchy scalp, split ends and flat, dull colour become your constant companions. Since time immemorial, man has turned to potions of healing herbs to “calm” the sensitive skin on his heads.

The effectiveness of these concoctions formed the basis of the phytoformulas used in the Soothing Herbal Decoction Care Shampoo. Ribwort, thyme and chamomile – a 100 % natural botanical complex made of healing wild Altai herbs which, when part of the shampoo, help fortify the restorative action of panthenol, and have a positive effect on the hair and skin of the head in cases of dryness or excess oiliness.

Soothing Herbal Decoction Care Shampoo helps revitalize fine, lifeless damaged hair, giving it a healthy look. It contains no parabens or dyes, which means it will look after your hair with maximum care.

APPLICATION: Apply to moist hair, massage in and rinse thoroughly.

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