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Cleansing with a peeling effect

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Gentle removal of the corneal layer of skin, peeling, massage effect, reduction of orange-peel skin and preparation of the skin for sunbathing – the special grainy knitting of the glove makes it a truly multifunctional product.

The skin will become impeccably smooth, firm and silky after peeling. It will breathe more easily and will make cosmetic products used for further treatment twice as effective.

Due to its deep cleansing effect, the spa glove in conjunction with massaging motions stimulates blood circulation and activates natural hydration processes. The effective peeling helps prevent hair growth after shaving or hair removal.

Glove’s elastic cuff allows you to fix it on your wrist for a peeling treatment with maximum comfort.


Body peeling is done from the bottom up: massage in moving from the palms of the hands to the shoulders, from the soles of the feet to the thighs and hips, then massaging the chest, abdomen and back. The most delicate areas of the skin require a more gentle approach. It is not recommended to do the peeling procedure more than 1 time a week.

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