Anti-Aging Facial Exfoliant


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Maximum Gentle Exfoliant

Code: 12716 , Weight: 100 g

The skin needs to breathe. However, dead cells, which form an invisible layer and dry the skin out, can prevent it, causing dull discolouration and fine wrinkles.

The anti-ageing facial exfoliant from the popular Collagen Active line gently cleanses the skin deeply and removes unnecessary cells from the skin surface.

Exfoliating gel:
– activates regeneration and exfoliation of the epidermis
– purifies pores, improving oxygen access to cells
– lightens superficial pigmentation
– refreshes face tone, maintains skin elasticity
– has a rejuvenating effect in case of visible age-related changes

The product contains hydrolysed collagen, which keeps the skin supple. The special acid-free composition is ideal for subsequent anti-ageing care.

APPLICATION: Apply a small amount to the skin using circular movements for 1 minute, then rinse with water.

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