Argan Oil Face Cream


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Care and protection in the big city. SPF 10

Code: 17102 , Weight: 50 g

Stress, polluted environment, unbalanced diet… City inhabitants usually have to work harder to keep their skin young and beautiful. The “energy of herbs” will help them with this.

Argan oil face cream from the Herbal Energies line with an optimal protection level of SPF 10 for urban environments supports the natural hydration of the skin, prevents drying, tension, peeling off and, of course, strengthens the protective functions of the skin during stress and in a polluted environment.

The cream’s formula is enriched with plant extracts, vitamins and moisturising ingredients that are skin-friendly and provide it with daily effective care and maintain its youthful appearance.

Do you want maximum effect? Use the entire Herbal Energies line for comprehensive care.
Contains Benzophenone-3.

APPLICATION: Using circular motions, apply a small amount of cream to pre-cleansed skin of the face and neck, excluding the eye area.

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