Asian Centella Shampoo


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Anti-stress hair treatment

Code: 25716 , Weight: 400 g

With the shampoo and shower gel containing the legendary gotu kola extract giving off fresh and mild scent you can feel the breath and beat of Asia.

Thanks to the calming composition containing the gotu kola extract, panthenol and vitamin E, the shampoo provides your hair an anti-stress treatment. It has a soothing effect for your scalp, gently and efficiently cleans your hair exposed to everyday strain and gives it natural shine, lightness and volume.

The gotu kola shampoo is ideal for:
– dry and damaged hair;
– dyed and perm hair;
– dry and sensitive scalp.

APPLICATION: Apply a small amount of shampoo onto the scalp, leave to act for 1-2 minutes, massage, then rinse with water.

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