Face & Body Lifting 3D-Massager


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Beauty and harmony sculptor

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A convenient gadget will become your personal home massage therapist and an excellent alternative to salon procedures. Spending only 10–15 minutes a day, you will get a great result very soon: a noticeable face lift and firm body.

– While scrolling, two lymphatic drainage rollers with a radius of rotation of 360 degrees keep a layer of skin between them, effectively working it out.
– Small triangular faces of the rollers help to further improve the local microcirculation.

Massager will be a great help in sculpting the face. Its regular use will help:
– get rid of the second chin, tighten the shape of the face
– return skin freshness and elasticity, improve its overall condition
– increase muscle flexibility, reduce the severity of wrinkles

Massager effectively works on body shaping. It contributes to:
– reduction of visible stretch marks
– elaboration of problem areas
– prevention of oedema and cellulite

Want to enhance the effect? Use the massager in a complex with masks, creams or anti-cellulite products TianDe.

APPLICATION: Duration of massage is 10–15 minutes. Massage the face and body along the massage lines without stretching the skin. With a strong redness or intense pain, the use of the massager should be discontinued.

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