Hair Density & Growth Lotion Premium


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Intensive regeneration treatment

Code: 20154 , Weight: 100 g

Hair water for hair density and growth with a high content of Capilia Longa-C PPF peptides and the Gründinol complex of vitamins and minerals has an intensive effect on hair prone to increased shedding and thinning.

The product has a strong regenerative effect on the damaged functions of hair follicles and provides them with nutrients. With regular use, the hair water visibly improves the density and strength of the hair.

For maximum effect, use the hair water in combination with shampoo and balm-filler for hair density and growth.

APPLICATION: Apply to clean scalp and hair roots, massage gently. Do not rinse off. Apply 1 – 2 times a day for a month, take a break for 2 weeks.

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