Goji Facial Rejuvenating Cream for Radiant Skin


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Beauty vitamin-enriched elixir

Weight: 50 g, Code: 14903

This is a new product from the Asian Beauty Series. It smoothes wrinkles and softens the skin. The skin becomes supple and gains elasticity. The product contains Goji berries. In China, these are called „rejuvenating“ owing to their unique biochemical structure. The Goji berries contain protein-polysaccharide complex LbGp4 which has similar effects as prebiotics, and antioxidants protecting the skin against aging. The product also contains salts of hyaluronic acid and trehalose. These moisturize the skin and form an invisible barrier protecting deeper layers of the skin from dehydration.

APPLICATION: Apply a small amount of cream on a cleansed skin of your face and neck using a circular motion. Avoid the area around the eyes.

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