Tangerine Liqueur Shower Gel


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Select aroma of fresh tangerine

Code: 32623 , Weight: 250 g

Treat yourself to a luxury spa, peace, and a unique experience. Experience the infatuating scent of tangerine, and take the opportunity to let go of your problems and discover yourself in a tiny corner of paradise created just for you… all in your own bathroom.

The Tangerine Liqueur shower gel from the Hainan Tao line is a scent that will make your head spin, but also a soft foam and gentle skin care in a single product.

The scent has an incredible quality: everyone likes it, regardless of age or gender. The sweet and full aroma will enchant you with its combination of bitter tones with a floral and fruity base.

The Tangerine Liqueur shower gel will help you start and end the day with positive thoughts, and it will stave off boredom and fill you with joy.

APPLICATION: Apply evenly to moist skin and rinse thoroughly with water.

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