Centimeter with Body Mass Index


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Measure your health to the centimetre

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The body weight index meter from TianDe is an entire diagnostic centre for your handbag or desk compartment. It is an easy-to-use, portable, stylish and compact helper that enables you to keep your levels under control.

The meter from TianDe helps you to:
– easily measure your waist circumference (a clear indicator that can point to health problems);
– quickly measure your body mass index (BMI, a parameter recognized by dietologists for determining your ideal weight). All you need to do is select your height and weight on the scale, and the meter displays your BMI;
– have an overview of your success on your path to a perfect figure.

Practical cues are laid out on the meter. It is divided into zones: green – your waist is within the norm, orange – devote time to your waist before it is too late, red – start to actively dedicate time to your health.

The meter is two-sided for measuring the waist circumference of both men and women. The convenient attachment allows you to attach the meter so as to accurately measure the waist circumference. To retract the tape, you just need to press a button.

APPLICATION: On the green scale (rotating circle), select your height. On the white scale (tape measure body), select your weight. By rotating the green circle, connect these two indicators. In the BMI field, the indicator will show you your body mass index.

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